West Coast Blues

by Rick Williams

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released January 6, 2014

Rick - vocals, guitar
Lorinda Hawkins - keyboard
Silkiie Dee - keyboard
Vachelle McFarland - keyboard, percussion
Dimson Velasco - percussion
Antonio Querido - guitar
Earl Jones - guitar
Gary Brown - sax, drums

Photo by Lady Arianna Basco
Design by :rixgraphix:

Recorded in the Green Room, the Vault and the Lexington, downtown Los Angeles.

(p)(c)2014 Aaugh! Records



all rights reserved


Rick Williams Los Angeles, California

Rick Williams has been recording and performing since 1984. When he was 13, he made his first tape, "Jiving Around", one that received positive reviews in many underground publications. In 1990, he joined the Chicago punk band Brownpeace and they recorded the highly acclaimed album, "Save The Roaches". He has independently released his songs through his own record label, Aaugh! Records. ... more

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Track Name: Watch What You're Doing
Mamma killed the chicken
she thought it was a duck
she put it on the table
with its legs sticking up

papa broke his glasses
when he fell down drunk
tried to drown the kitty cat
turned out to be a skunk

you gotta watch what you're doing
didn't you know
you gotta watch what you're doing
didn't you know

little Joe Billy
went fishing for trout
played hooky from school
'til the cops found out

didn't have a father
was an only child
and his momma never beat him
so he grew up wild

you gotta watch what you're doing

I knew a girl
sweet as could be
but she fell for men
like a chain sawed tree

she listened to their lies
was fooled by their charms
now she's sitting
with a baby in her arms

you gotta watch what you're doing
didn't you know
you gotta watch what you're doing
you oughta know that
you gotta watch out
watch out

well everything's fine
till things get bad
then you sit around thinking
of the good times you had

but it ain't no good
to lead a life of sin
if you don't shape up
you know you'll never get in

you better watch what you're doing
don't you know
you oughta know where you're going
do you know

some folks smile
they seem alright
then you later find out
they were like demons in the night

try to love everybody
but don't be blind
cause some kind of people
try to mess up your mind

you gotta watch who you know